My dog ate my denture…

After nearly 40 years married to a man who makes false teeth for a living, I thought it might be good to share a lifetime of stories and thoughts about false teeth – good and bad!  So for a start..

Did you know that it is not unusual for your dog to try to eat your false teeth?

People regularly bring in a plastic bag or a tissue in which they have carefully wrapped lots of little pieces of pink and white plastic.  A lot of very careful work can sometimes reassemble these bits into a recognisable denture.  Sometimes it is even possible that the denture will still fit after it has been reassembled!

Why do dogs do it?  Well one theory is that they think your denture is a nice tasty bone that you keep all to yourself.  You never share it with your dog, do you?  So one day when you leave your denture on the bedside table (or the arm of your chair, or in your handbag) your dog decides it is time for him (or her) to get a share.

They don’t usually actually eat the denture (although that might explain some otherwise unexplained lost dentures!) but they do crunch it up – and leave toothmarks in the process.

So when you arrive at the door of the place where they repair dentures and say “You’ll never guess what happened”, don’t be surprised when the dental technician says, “The dog had it”.  because he has see it all before, and he recognises the tell tale signs of canine tooth action.

The moral of this little story is – if you can’t keep your denture in your mouth, at least keep it out of reach of the dog!

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